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Bob Hunter is a former writer/researcher for the Christian Research Institute and Christian Research Journal and continues to write for the Journal. In recent years he has become an activist for various causes and writes on a variety of topics that will hopefully be of interest to the reader. He resides, with his wife, TV host Patty Hunter, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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    How to Thwart the Anti-Equality Bigots

    5 months ago

    When it comes to dealing with anti-equality bigots, such people can be dealt with swiftly and decisively with several techniques. This article will equip you to defeat these people.

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    Combating Child Abuse - One City at a Time

    6 months ago

    On December 22, 2011 nine-year-old Fort Wayne, Indiana resident Aliahna Lemmon was beaten to death. This has inspired several in the community to come together to build a center that would provide hea

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    An Open Letter Regarding Christmas

    5 months ago

    It's that time of the year again - Christmas - I mean, Happy Holidays! This is an open letter to the news media regarding the annual attacks on the Christian faith.

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    Looking Out for the Christian Con Artist

    5 months ago

    Have you ever fallen victim to a Christian con artist? Are you suspicious of them but not sure? Here are some warning signs.

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    Abitibi Canyon - a world of its own

    7 weeks ago

    Finally, the unvarnished truth about Abitibi Canyon and it's residents! Were the Canyonites really tough? Were the curling rocks rigged? The truth is revealed in this explosive article!

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    Whatever happened to...Rodney Howard-Browne?

    3 years ago

    Nearly 20 years ago Rodney Howard-Browne gained worldwide recognition as the laughing revivalist. Where is he today and what is he teaching?

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    When Apologetics Ministries come under attack

    5 months ago

    What happens when so-called Christians love to fight and promote hatred more than they love truth? It can result in decades of attacks on well-meaning ministries. Read about how the Christian Research Institute, led by...

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